Guadalupe Radio Network

Guadalupe Radio Network provides Catholic radio to north and south Texas.  Their mission statement is below.  Click on the link on the left to listen now.

In today's world, possibly the greatest battles are fought in the arena of personal  faith.   The "Guadalupe Resource Center" and "Guadalupe Radio Network" provide teaching that strengthens confidence and faith in God.   The power of the Gospel through the media of radio is that it literally changes lives.  It is a heart to heart ministry. Visitors to the Center and listeners to our Network of Catholic Radio Stations discover that God is alive and active and cares about every aspect of their life.

  “The lay faithful, precisely because they are members of the Church, have the vocation and mission of proclaiming the Gospel; they are prepared for this work by the sacraments of  Christian initiation and by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”       

Pope John Paul II  

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